Small Storage Unit

Small Storage Unit


Rent a Small Storage Unit and Declutter

If you just moved, downscaled, or emigrating and wish to hold onto some sentimental items, you might be looking for a small storage unit.


What You Need to Know About Small Storage Space

First, we need to define what precisely a small storage space is. In our terms, it means 1m x 1.5m x 2.4m. You can also hire a medium unit at 1.5m x 2.4 x 2.4m or large storage space at 2.4m x 2.4m x 2.4m. It is essential that you consider the following when you choose a storage space:

  • Take inventory. Space can be very misleading, especially if you look at the number of things you need to store and the small space for storage. Write down your actual inventory before hiring a unit and consider the shapes and sizes of said inventory and how to fit the puzzle into storage for optimal use of space.
  • Consider available storage. What space do you have available at home in which you might keep the smaller items you might need again soon? It is advisable to have a corner in your garage for the little things or oddly shaped furniture and have the more uniform items or boxes stored off-site and out of the way.
  • Try and measure your stuff as far as you can by either piling up boxes in the form of the space available in the units or by carefully estimating how compact you can pack the odd shapes.
  • If you consider that we have quite a few storage spaces that we rent out, we can’t always track what people store there. Although we do have insurance to cover the units, we advise that you talk to us first regarding what you are allowed to store and what would not be a safe option. You can also further take out insurance on your goods for yourself.

We always advise you to opt for the medium rather than small self-storage space – it’s best to overestimate rather than having too little space available and having to move the goods around again.


Problems We Address Regarding Small Self Storage

We aim to provide the best storage space to our clients that will meet their requirements and more. We have addressed the storage size; now, let us show you what other benefits our small storage facility has in store for you:

  • We ensure that your goods are safe, not just by locks on your storage unit, but we also have video and entry surveillance to see what happens around the storage units at all times.
  • We only use solar power that we use for the lights, as a further measure to keep your goods safe and to look after the environment, so you don’t have to worry about leaving a large carbon footprint while storing your goods.
  • Our storage is secure, clean, and conveniently located close to Cairn city. We chose the location to be as central and convenient to several surrounding suburbs.

There isn’t much more to it when you choose storage space. You can hire the unit for as long as you need it as we don’t insist on fixed-term contracts. It’s especially beneficial if you are unsure about your relocating plans or if you will need the goods again soon.


About Your Space on McCoombe

The best way to know if you need small storage for rent would be to follow our tips and to come and look at our space in Bungalow. Please contact us if you have any questions.